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So maybe it's a slightly younger version of me, but it's me nonetheless! 7 years in the industry hasn't aged me much. What it has done is provide me a wealth of amazing opportunities, great clients, and some stellar projects. And now that I have you here, I'm hoping you might take a look around. (And hopefully you're either a recruiter or a wealthy art connoisseur, because I'm definitely not one of those "starving artists" types. I love to pay bills! In fact, it's practically a hobby of mine!)

Perhaps we should start off on a slightly more 'professional' note. I've included a more recent (slightly-less-Steve-Irwin-style) mugshot. Dare I say... a more handsome one? [insert smirky emoji thing]

Throughout this site, I've tried to put together a portfolio that demonstrates a broad range of my work. I feel I have fairly eclectic interests within the industry. I enjoy everything from typography and layout to motion graphics and UX/UI. I enjoy designing in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Flat... Photorealistic... Grunge... Even Bauhaus! (But does anyone even know what that really means? I don't! It's just the name of my favorite font.)

Anywho... you'll find my summative portfolio up in the main nav, and then I've broken things down into specific categories. Choose your own adventure here, folks! I encourage you to a take a sec to read through the context around each piece. They all have their own story, and each one often solved a unique problem. Some clients needed videos cranked out in 48 hours. Others requested extensive, multi-year e-learning deployments. Almost every project involved more than one of my skills. Even if I was behind the lens, you can almost guarantee I helped with scripting, concepting, or even voiceover! (Yea– that's another side hobby! Ask me to do my Kermit the Frog impersonation!)

If you're looking for freelance work, feel free to contact me here.