Role(s):  Creative Direction, Graphic Design, LMS Implementation (Absorb LMS), Composition of Video Preview
Project:  'Intro to Robotics'
Client:  Yaskawa Motoman
Provider:  META Solutions

Overview:  As Yaskawa worked to move their training away from instructor-led courses, a primary concern was the loss of a learner's ability to explore every facet of hardware in real-time– at their own pace. They felt their initial attempts at online learning became "a repository for spec sheets and PDF brochures." They wanted to find ways to utilize the web to its "full potential."

By utilizing CL3VER, we were able to provide a practical way for learner's to explore 3D models graphically via the web. To take it one step further, our solution with CL3VER is HTML 5 compliant, so it allows learners to view materials on any device without installing plugins. With the addition of CL3VER's interactivity, the content is taken to an even higher level of engagement. Users are able to explore key learning objectives via rollovers, text descriptions, graphics, and embedded video.

The video preview above is a recording taken from within Yaskawa's online school, Yaskawa Academy. It's from the course 'Intro to Robotics', from 'Chapter 4: Terminology."